Hotel Magnifique tells the amazing story of two poor orphaned sisters as they enter the magical world of the travelling Hotel which appears overnight in different cities and vanishes after one day. When the younger girl, Zosa, gets chosen as an entertainer at the Hotel, the older, Jani, must smuggle herself in as a servant so she can protect her little sister. But while the wealthy guests are treated to wonders and excess, the magic inside the Hotel is powerful and there are dark powers at play beneath the magnificent surface. We are kept on the edge of our seats as we pray that Jani can save her sister in time, and will that inevitably cost the love she’s found with the mysterious Bel, and can she best the Maître, the most powerful magician in the Hotel, possibly the world?

'It was wonderful to escape into such a rich imaginative world and lose oneself in a story so compelling, I genuinely could not put it down. As dizzyingly inventive as the Hotel itself. A real imaginative tour de force' - Celia Rees

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Based on the novel by Emily J. Taylor