DAY AND NIGHT is a Dutch medical drama, its first season takes place on a maternity ward of a large new hospital: a special, almost mysterious, place, where many of us spend the most crucial hours of our lives.

The staff are our main characters, they have to deal with extreme drama on a daily basis: suspense, shame, guilt and insecurity but also triumphs, trust, love and extreme happiness.

During their busy and stressful days, they experience their biggest challenges and most heart-felt joys, whilst striving to meet sky-high professional and personal standards. This is a close-knit team of people, full of compassion, they understand each other better than their spouses or family ever wilL. However, the pressure of the job and the huge psychological demands, occasionally take their toll and lead to conflicts.

While the first season of our long-running medical drama takes place in the maternity ward, the second season brings us to the paediatric ward and the third in the acute psychiatric department. As the seasons pass, we will travel through the hospital touching on the people that are there every day to save and improve our lives.

Cast includes: Kim van Kooten  as Ella (Everthing is Love),  Benja Bruijning as Jerry (Family Way),  Fried Barnhard as Tina (Eyes on the Road) and Daniel Cornelissen  as Willem (Buddy).

With: Maartje Remmers as Louise (Flikken Maastricht)  Jesse Mensah as Frederik ( Anne Plus),  Gijs Naber as Michael (Penoza), Raymonde de Kuyper as Vivi ( Quality Time), Koen De Bouw as Jacob (Professor T), Bianca Krijgsman  as Trui (The Forgotten Battle),  Esther Scheldwacht as Maria and Romana Vrede as Pernille ( I Don't Wanna Dance).