The Letter For The King

The Letter for the King, based on the classic Dutch book by Tonke Dragt, was commissioned as a Netflix Original for their family & kids division, adding to the growing roster of kids and family original shows.

After a 6 month shoot on location in New Zealand and the Czech Republic, the show launched into Netflix top ten lists across the globe on 20th March 2020. On launch, it became the most watched programme on the platform in New Zealand, Australia, Benelux, Czech Republic, Russia, and Africa, and reached no. 4 in the UK and no. 6 in the US.

Will Davies (“How to Train Your Dragon”, "Puss in Boots” ) adapted the novel and showran the series for the SVOD service; Paul Trijbits ("Saving Mr. Banks") and Will Davies executive produced.

Tonke Dragt’s medieval adventure novel was first published in 1962. Combining elements of classic fairy tales and legend, it has since been published in 25 languages, sold over a million copies, and won numerous awards including the only once awarded Griffel of Griffels. This classic medieval adventure novel, its universal themes and Tonke Dragt’s compelling style of storytelling continues to enthrall readers of all ages. In 2014, the book was translated into English and published by Pushkin Press in the U.K. to great critical acclaim.

Set across three kingdoms, the story follows a teenage squire, Tiuri, who embarks on a perilous mission to deliver a secret letter to the king. The task takes him on an epic and dangerous adventure as the fate of the kingdoms lie on his shoulders.

"'Game of Thrones’ for young adults... Packed with quests, prophesies and plucky characters, this new fantasy series is tremendous fun. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️" - The Financial Times. Read the review here.

"Netflix's new YA epic" - MTV.  Read the review here.

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Cast includes: Amir Wilson as Tiuri (His Dark Materials, The Secret Garden), Ruby Serkis as Lavinia (The Serpent), Thaddea Graham as Iona (The Irregulars), Islam Bouakkaz (After Life) as Arman, Jack Barton (Grantchester) as Foldo, Jonah Lees as Jussipo (Tale of Tales), and Nathanael Saleh as Piak (Mary Poppins Returns).

With: Emilie Cocquerel (The New Legend of Monkey), Yorick van Wageningen (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), Gijs Blom (Suspects), Jakob Oftebro (Lilyhammer), David Wenham (Lord of the Rings), Kemi-Bo Jacobs (McMafia), Ken Nwosu (Sticks & Stones), Peter Ferdinando (Ghost in the Shell), Tawfeek Barhom (The Looming Tower), David Wilmot (The Crown), Omid Djalili (His Dark Materials), and Andy Serkis (The Lord of the Rings).

Dag en Nacht / Day and Night

DAY AND NIGHT is a Dutch medical drama, its first season takes place on a maternity ward of a large new hospital: a special, almost mysterious, place, where many of us spend the most crucial hours of our lives.

The staff are our main characters, they have to deal with extreme drama on a daily basis: suspense, shame, guilt and insecurity but also triumphs, trust, love and extreme happiness.

During their busy and stressful days, they experience their biggest challenges and most heart-felt joys, whilst striving to meet sky-high professional and personal standards. This is a close-knit team of people, full of compassion, they understand each other better than their spouses or family ever wilL. However, the pressure of the job and the huge psychological demands, occasionally take their toll and lead to conflicts.

While the first season of our long-running medical drama takes place in the maternity ward, the second season brings us to the paediatric ward and the third in the acute psychiatric department. As the seasons pass, we will travel through the hospital touching on the people that are there every day to save and improve our lives.

Cast includes: Kim van Kooten  as Ella (Everthing is Love),  Benja Bruijning as Jerry (Family Way),  Fried Barnhard as Tina (Eyes on the Road) and Daniel Cornelissen  as Willem (Buddy).

With: Maartje Remmers as Louise (Flikken Maastricht)  Jesse Mensah as Frederik ( Anne Plus),  Gijs Naber as Michael (Penoza), Raymonde de Kuyper as Vivi ( Quality Time), Koen De Bouw as Jacob (Professor T), Bianca Krijgsman  as Trui (The Forgotten Battle),  Esther Scheldwacht as Maria and Romana Vrede as Pernille ( I Don't Wanna Dance). 

Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line

In the slums on the outskirts of a sprawling Delhi, nine-year-old Jai watches too many reality cop shows in the house he shares with his family. Jai dreams of a carefree life in the “hi-fi” district, the apartment blocks for the rich overlooking their slum, which stand in stark contrast to the impoverished but tight-knit community in which he lives. However, when their classmate from school goes missing, Jai seizes the chance for a bigger life and with Pari and Faiz forms “The Djinn Patrol”.

The three of them venture out wielding their detective skills, through the rattle-tattle energy and mouth-watering smells of the city, to the dangerous rubbish ground and as far as the railway station at the end of the Purple Line. But children continue to vanish, and the trio must confront terrified parents, an unsympathetic police force and soul-snatching djinns in order to uncover the truth. As the disappearances edge ever closer to home, the lives of Jai and his friends will be altered forever.

Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line is a deeply touching, vibrant debut novel from author Deepa Anappara, inspired by her years of investigative real-life journalism. Read this article for more about Deepa.

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Based on the novel by Deepa Anappara.

Adapted by Sabrina Dhawan. 


Based on the best-selling Harry Virdee books by AA Dhand, VIRDEE introduces an iconic new detective in DCI Harry Virdee, a Bradford cop disowned by his Sikh family for marrying a Muslim. With his personal life in chaos, Harry must hunt down a murderer who is targeting the Asian community.

What starts as a mystery evolves into a riveting thriller, when the killer kidnaps a local MP’s daughter, and makes it clear he has a personal vendetta against Harry himself. Forced to confront the darkest secrets from his past, Harry must decide whether to team up with his drug dealer brother to stop the carnage. How far will he go to save his family?

An adrenaline-fuelled crime series, with elevated twists and turns, the show explores the very real dynamics of religious intolerance, ‘brown-on-brown racism’ and gender violence in the UK’s South Asian heartland, Bradford.